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Home Grout cleaner

Grout cleaner

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Do you know that cleaning your grout correctly can make your house look a few years younger? So if you’re not planning a renovation soon, you’d better get down to it! This thick gel cleans and degreases the grout, leaving a beautiful high-gloss finish. It is delicate for the tiles and it won't stain or damage the grout. After such a treatment your tiles will look brand new.
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What you can use it for: white and coloured grout between glazed, terracotta, stoneware, marble and mosaic tiles, outdoors and indoors, it can be used on the floor and on the walls (thanks to its thick, gel texture it won't trickle down a vertical surface too soon). What this lovely scent is: cashmere, shea butter, rose, coconut and creamy vanilla.


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