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Universal gel

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Versatility is our daily bread. Not only at work, but also at home. You’re washing your living room floor, cleaning the tiles in the kitchen and you’re already thinking about the bathroom and the garage... So if you fight dirt with an all-purpose detergent, it’s high time you chose a next generation product: our versatile concentrated cleaning gel. In one go, you’ll get rid of dust and stains, even the persistent ones, degrease and gently polish the cleaned surfaces. And thanks to the lovely French fragrance oils, you’ll create a relaxing, cosy atmosphere. You can count on us. Sit down and have a well-deserved rest.
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Why you’ll love it: fourfold action. It efficiently cleans, degreases, subtly polishes the surface and leaves a delicate scent. What surfaces you can use it for: all washable surfaces, metal, MDF, laminated, plastic, ceramic, lino, tiles, terracotta tiles, milled rock tiles. You’ll appreciate it especially when you wash big surfaces. What assures additional safety: certificate of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene. Certificate no.: B-BŻ-6071-0017/2020/A expires on: 20/04/2023 What this lovely scent is: juicy citrus fruit, French lavender, jasmine, and fresh ozone notes.


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