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What do you typically do when you’re in the shower? Do you relax or do you think how to get rid of all the patches on the glass once and for all? We’re definitely more into relaxation and this is why we recommend our cleaning spray. The proven formula based on lactic acid and alcohol removes daily stains, soap and detergent residue, limescale and hard water stains. The cleaning spray leaves the glass spotlessly clean, without any smudges or patches, and it prevents fogging up. And it has such a lovely smell! The fragrance oils we use are sourced in France.
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What you’ll love about it: the cleaning spray creates a protective film on the surface which prevents dirt and limescale from building up again. And this means less cleaning in the future. What makes it even safer: allergen-free fragrance oils compliant with IFRA standards (International Fragrance Association). What you can clean with it: glass and acrylic shower enclosures, wall and floor tiles, shower bases, plastic elements of shower cabins. Recommended replaceable accessories: double duty nozzle What this lovely scent is: juicy raspberries, delicate aloe and very sweet toffee.


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